Just an amateur writer doing what she loves.


  • Nojus Tumenas

    Nojus Tumenas

    Evangelist, Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, involved in scientific research. Support me by buying me Ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/nojustumenas38098

  • Alexxanndramakeup


  • CJ Evans

    CJ Evans

    Medical practitioner, traveler and explorer.

  • Paul JARRIGE

    Paul JARRIGE

    The Revolution Will Be HustleTweeted! Advocate / Special Counsel IG:

  • Ms. Mary Ann

    Ms. Mary Ann

    Mary Ann makes her home in the Appalachian Highlands, has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering, and is nearing retirement at stay-at-home motherhood.

  • Derya Güngör

    Derya Güngör

    Here to explore my longing desire to write and discover my voice

  • Ann Zuccardy

    Ann Zuccardy

    30-year paid writing veteran. 2x TEDx talker, adjunct professor, keynote speaker. TBI survivor & advocate. Loves neuroplasticity & cupcakes.

  • Nhut Nguyen

    Nhut Nguyen

    Storyteller. I write code, instructions and stories. nhut.one

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