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It’s Thursday, November 12, 2020, and I have to say I had a pretty tough week, which in all honesty, I’m very disappointed in myself. I let outside forces mess with my inner peace, and lawwddd I felt it completely.

The details of what made my week difficult wouldn’t do justice, but the most important part I noticed during my difficult week was that I lost the confidence in myself to continue a path that I was finally improving on. I stopped my routine to mope around, bringing negative energy into my house and to those around me..when they defiantly didn’t deserve that.

We all have our days, weeks, months, years…whatever it is. We all have it, but it brings some questions…Does that make it okay to blame the world and lash out? Give up (momentarily)? What makes it okay to say fuck it and not care what happens because of how we’re feeling?

The answer?

no, it’s not, and it doesn’t make it okay.

Part of growing up is realizing that you need to take responsibility for your actions.

You are so powerful and to not use that power is just a waste. You can choose how you act or react to any situation, no matter how big or small. Not realizing the potential in ourselves, to me, is extremely dangerous. No one outside ourselves genuinely knows who we are as an individual.

Have you ever thought of that?

Not even our parents truly know who we are, our deepest thoughts and desires. Why not use this secret weapon to become who you know you can fully become?

I don’t have all the answers, but I know I took my inner peace back. I worked out, among other things that are apart of my routine, and I woke up feeling fantastic.

And touching back to being disappointed in myself…I realized that I wasted my week being dramatic and in my feelings. Although how I was feeling was necessary (again to me), I handled it completely wrong. I could’ve put that energy towards so many more useful things.

It’s yours, always remember that.

Always & Forever, Sincerely Shy ❤

Just an amateur writer doing what she loves.